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Please choose the type of Account you will be using on RCU eBranch.

To Enroll a Business

  1. Read the RCU eBranch Business Agreement and Disclosures below and click the "Continue" button.
  2. Complete the business Resolution form and click "Continue".
  3. Print the Business Resolution and click "Continue".
  4. Sign and send the Business Resolution to RCU.
Print Access Agreement

To Enroll a Person or Sole Proprietor

Please read the RCU eBranch Consumer Agreement and Disclosures below, then call RCU Member Service to complete enrollment.

Print Access Agreement

Please contact RCU Member Service at 715-833-8111 or 1-800-341-9911 to allow RCU to complete your enrollment process.

Please have the following information ready.

  • Email Address
  • Secret Question/Phrase (This is used in case you forget your password)
    • example: Secret Question = Favorite movie, Answer = Goonies
  • Requested Signon ID
  • Requested Accounts
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